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Not actually a roundup
eyes up by pearl-o
lipsum wrote in wiresandlights
Three things make a post, right?

1) Top good news of the day: California's Assembly has passed a bipartisan bill (AB 459) to join the interstate compact for electoral college reform. (Reported here with many links, and here with analysis.)

The compact, which will result in the Presidency going to the winner of the national popular vote, will take effect when the signatories have enough electoral college votes to determine the outcome of an election. This is a big deal because California alone has 20% of those votes. It seems likely that the bill will pass the state Senate and be signed by Gov. Brown, giving a significant boost to the compact.

2) If you care about the right of individuals to control their reproductive lives, watch Here's their 4/12 link roundup, which addresses the current widespread attack on liberty via more than 900 anti-choice bills/measures that are being debated in 49 states.

3) Congressional Progressive lawmakers have unveiled their budget proposal, which is based in large part on what the polls show Americans actually want-- though it bears the sadly inflammatory name of People's Budget. Why, oh, why couldn't they have called it a Job Creation Budget?


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