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MIC CHECK: Dan Rather's rallying cry
I own an almanac.
trinker wrote in wiresandlights

Meanwhile, in my own words:

I have not been posting much on LJ, whether here or in my own journal. But momentous things are afoot in our world, and things have bounced back and forth between Madison, WI and all the Arab Spring, and now back to the U.S. and beyond.

#occupy wasn't even a dream 24 months ago. We were still dealing with the sensation of tarnished HOPE.

Check out the various youtube videos showing how effective distributed leadership can be.

Two generations ago, progress was halted by assassination.

A generation ago, personal video changed the way that social justice information is shared, forever. Police brutality was exposed to people who'd been able to avoid it until then.

This generation, the ability to distribute information has become even more common. "Social media" is the new samizdat. (I do not downplay the very real difference in risk between anti-Soviet dissident actions and what the average #occupier or #occupy-supporter faces. I note how much harder it is for the dirty work to be done in secret against those who buck the status quo.)

What are you seeing out there, oh readers of wiresandlights? What do you have to share? Those of us in the U.S. have come through 12 years and more of astroturf directed against social justice. What warm glowing moments of clarity and illumination have you seen flitting by your feeds? What e-mail have you gotten? What links have you shared? What are you "liking" and "+1"ing and otherwise sharing at other venues?

Leave it here, even anonymously. Let's have a record of what the best of the best of the crowdsourced information stream looks and sounds like. What should we be passing on to the people who put us on their maddening right-wing e-mail chains?


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